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    A Destination For You

    Boutique hotels with 3 different patterns where each of them represents the same Halal Hospitality services that we will continue deliver to you.

    A Destination For You

Our Patterns

Sofyan Hotel with a more economical type of service, suitable for travelers who needs a comfortable place to stay, with more minimalist tone, simple and with affordable price. You can feel this experience at Sofyan Hotel Soepomo.

Sofyan Hotel with its original touch has a cultural heritage building that creates an elegant and characteristic ambiance. Offering high standard of service and facilities for the guests. You can feel this experience at Sofyan Hotel Cut Meutia.

Sofyan Hotel with a touch of luxury. Prioritizes guests comfort and privacy offering with international-class of services and facilities.

Our Story

Welcome to Sofyan Hotel

Sofyan Hotel is famously known for more than 45 years of experience where a warm welcome, a good night sleep, and a comfortable ambiance is offered to our special guests.



A Next To Kin Experience

Our guest is our kin. For that, our spirit is to serve our guest with the promise of a pleasurable experience and the feeling of kinship between us and our special guests.

Embracing Our Heritage

A boutique hotel with a building that is a heritage gem, unique and also authentic as an added value. The building itself has stood since the 1980’s, therefore, it is considered as a heritage building that is meant to be embraced and preserved by Sofyan Hotel.

Authenticity in Service

As a heritage hotel, with authentic service that has been served for more than four decades, we innovate our authenticity with variety of signature dishes and beverages, only at our Potpourri Restaurant. Such as Ginger Freeze, our well known signature drink that is a halal mocktail especially made by our experienced chef.


The Beginning

Since 1992 Sofyan Hotel has developed a new concept, instilling the substance of the Halal Concept Industry that can be accepted by the market. With our new paradigm of selling, we re-engineered our products and services which cater to the needs of the market with inclusivity in mind so that they can be accepted by all.

Our services are designed to leave an impression on customers by presenting a sense of comfort and originality that comes from the values, traditions, and cultures that are believed to offer genuine hospitality that creates a heartfelt and unique welcoming experience to our beloved guest.